Project Manager - Zac Othman

Zac Othman

Project Manager

BE (Hons) Civil Engineering

Zac Othman is a highly skilled project manager and senior geotechnical engineer with over eight years’ applied expertise across the lifecycle of transport infrastructure projects, land development and industry projects.

He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and has extensive experience in leading geotechnical and multi-disciplinary projects in the private and public sectors. Zac has a pragmatic project management approach, playing a key role in the

successful delivery of a multitude of projects from the planning and scoping, to site assessment, analysis, design, reporting, specification and construction.

Read Zac Othman’s resume here.

And it’s not often you find someone who genuinely gets excited about concrete … and soil, rock, ground, water, environmental conditions and earthworks.   Zac Othman is one of those rare people.

“I enjoy each challenge … from the little problems, to the big problems, the technical problems, the management problems.”

That sounds like engineer speak, because it is. Which is what you’d want if you were engaging CARAS to advise in your remediation project.

When Zac Othman graduated from his civil engineering degree, he was unsure whether design or construction was his path.

“When I handed in my thesis to my honours supervisor, he asked me if I had a job – and did I want one?  He introduced me to a friend who’d just started a small business and he offered me a job – in geotechnical consulting specifically. I truly fell in love with it and I’m now known as someone who loves the soil and playing around in construction and in this field.

I get a lot of satisfaction from it. My enjoyment isn’t just sinking my teeth into a two-month long design that’s super technical (even though I enjoy the maths and science) my enjoyment is also in the people and the projects.”

Like many engineers, he is driven by accomplishment … and challenges he solves together with the team. He thrives on someone else’s challenge being his challenge.

But unlike many engineers, Zac is a true extrovert, getting his incredible energy from people and from being around people.

“I enjoy time to myself for certain parts of the day, but then I need people.”

Zac loves the small business environment he finds himself thriving in at CARAS.

“I like the small business feel. I like that I can approach the CEO and General Manager directly. It’s a small but complete, holistic, specialist team.

I never see the grass being greener on the other side. The grass is very green where I am; I’m happy.”

When he’s not playing in the dirt, Zac likes to keep active, socialise and spend time with family and friends.

Read Zac Othman’s resume here.

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