Procurement Advisor/Risk Analyst - Wayne Wilson

Wayne Wilson

Procurement Advisor/Risk Analyst

Industry Trained throughout a 40-year career

Wayne Wilson has been working in the Civil Engineering and Contaminated Land Remediation Industries for 40 years.

His expertise lies in assessing the risk profile on a civil or remediation project to ensure that all construction risks are identified.

Wayne develops a dollar estimate of the risks on a project from first principles

based on his extensive experience and expertise. Wayne Wilson is recognised and respected by his peers in the industry … and his fierce loyalty to Noel and the team at CARAS is evident.

“I want to see the company succeed. CARAS are innovative – we’re bringing a wealth of practical, on the ground experience into a system that doesn’t have it yet.”

Read Wayne Wilson’s resume here.

Traditional consultants in the civil/remediation game have university level credentials and not much else.

“The client isn’t receiving value for money. With our wealth of experience, we produce much better results than anyone else and we’re extremely proud of what we bring. We give it 100%.”

Like Noel and the senior team at CARAS, Wayne greatly values the mentoring role he plays.

“We don’t just employ young people and let them loose … we review and mentor what they do every step of the way.”

Naturally positive, Wayne loves the industry he’s been ‘lucky enough’ to work in throughout his life.

“It’s dynamic, it’s changing. It’s a different environment every day and there’s never a dull moment.”

Wayne smiles a lot and enjoys being around positive people. He appreciates the opportunity to do good things for people … particularly when there’s nothing expected back.

Growing up in Raymond Terrace, he was driven to succeed by a want for something more than he had.  And one day he found himself with an opportunity to get into construction .

“I didn’t know what I was getting into, but I fell in love with it on the first day and have never regretted a minute.”

An avid golfer, Wayne also enjoys climbing the odd mountain and holidaying in far remote places. He says South America is next on the list.

Read Wayne Wilson’s resume here.


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