Noel Storan

Noel Storan


Noel Storan’s expertise and experience in the Civil Engineering and Contaminated Land Remediation Industries are unsurpassed.

Over the past 30 years, Noel has established himself as a leader in the field, managing the scientific and engineering inputs on projects to ensure that the required value added outcomes are achieved.

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Niall Byrne

Niall Byrne


“I feel great about what we do as a business … the environmental aspect, sustainable engineering, preventing waste and saving clients money.”

With a double degree in Engineering and over a decade of experience in the industry, Niall is an enthusiastic and dedicated professional who has gained valuable experience working on a wide variety of projects ranging from industrial …

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Project Management - Nimmi Nirmalarajan

Nimmi Nirmalarajan

Project Management/Advisory
Civil Engineer and Management Consultant

“When things fall into place, challenges and problems are solved, it gives me motivation and energy.”

As a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng AU) Nimmi has spent a lifetime …

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Procurement Advisor/Risk Analyst - Wayne Wilson

Wayne Wilson

Procurement Advisor/Risk Analyst

Wayne Wilson has been working in the Civil Engineering and Contaminated Land Remediation Industries for 40 years. His expertise lies in assessing the risk profile on a civil or remediation project to ensure that all construction risks are identified.

Wayne develops a dollar estimate of the risks on a project from first principles based on his extensive experience and expertise.

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Project Manager - Zac Othman

Zac Othman

Project Manager/Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Zac Othman is a highly skilled project manager and senior geotechnical engineer, with over eight years’ applied expertise across the life cycle of transport infrastructure projects, land development and industry projects. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and has extensive experience in leading geotechnical and multi-disciplinary projects in the private and public sectors.

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Quantity Surveyor - Mohammad Badran

Mohammad Badran

Quantity Surveyor

Mohammad Badran is an experienced quantity surveyor, having worked on projects throughout Europe and the Middle East for over 13 years. He is a results-driven, self-motivated and resourceful individual with experience in effectively managing all costs relating to building and civil engineering projects.

“I like figures and calculating things … I have an eye for detail and good organisational skills.”

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WHSE Adviser – Environmental Consultant - Lin Ningthoujam

Lin Ningthoujam

WHSE Adviser – Environmental Consultant

Lin Ningthoujam has been working in the Environmental, Sustainability, Health and Safety industry for over 13 years.

With a Master’s in Environmental Science and over nine years of core experience in carbon accounting …

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Project Manager - Mattia Bianchetti Fettolini

Mattia Bianchetti Fettolini

Project Manager

With a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering, Mattia brings expert engineering and planning skills to the CARAS team.

His sharp attention to detail helps him during the initiating, planning, execution, controlling and closing out stages of a project.

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