The CARAS process

As Australia’s leading remediation project management consultancy, we have decades of experience and a very specialised skill set, giving us a deep understanding of groundworks and remediation. It comes down to risk, quantifying your exposure to risk and saving you money.

Proven and reliable

At CARAS, we quantify and put an accurate dollar value on the groundwork risk of complex construction projects.

We do this using a proven and reliable process we’ve developed for quantifying the risk associated with below ground construction.

Five steps to quantify and mitigate your risk

We use a five-step proven process for quantifying and mitigating the risk associated with your remediation and construction project.

  • Remediation strategy

    Remediation strategy

    Our panel of experts assess and review available information from existing data and reports and provide independent verification from the beginning of your project. We perform a Remediation Constructability Review and we ensure that the investigation, remediation strategy, Remediation Action Plan (RAP), EPA process, budget estimates, project documentation, civil and earthworks specifications, procurement, safety and construction compliance will give you the very best value for money. An efficient outcome.

  • Cost plan

    Cost plan

    We design and review a plan that will take the volatility out of the cost estimation and budget for you. Our team thinks outside the box and will generate a detailed, accurate and traceable cost estimation for your project and implement a plan to mitigate your risk.

  • Workshop interrogation

    Workshop interrogation

    As independent specialists, we’re not afraid to challenge planning and environmental consultants who may not have a great understanding of remediation. We undertake a Project Risk Register, we identify inherent and contingent risks and obstacles and we let you know, alongside the solution, how much it will cost you. In addition to our impressive in-house panel of experts, we have access to a huge knowledge bank in the industry.

  • Risk model

    Risk model

    We build the CARAS risk model using probabilistic modelling techniques to quantify risk and uncertainty. Our statistical risk model, developed in collaboration with the University of Newcastle, provides the P50/P75/P90 cost estimate of the remediation works. This can then be used as a dynamic monitoring and predictive tool as the project proceeds, offering assurance and certainty to your remediation and construction project, saving you time – and money.

  • Control  and delivery

    Control and delivery

    As client-side project managers, we effectively and efficiently manage your construction project. We administer construction contracts and control the construction quality, schedule and budget. We assess variation claims, negotiate any disputes and produce documentation of works for compliance … and we audit the outcome.

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