Noel Storan


BE Civil Engineering
Masters of Engineering, Environmental Management
Licenced Asbestos, WorkCover NSW
Cert IV Workplace Health and Safety

Noel Storan’s expertise and experience in the Civil Engineering and Contaminated Land Remediation Industries are unsurpassed.

Over the past 30 years, Noel has established himself as a leader in the field – managing the scientific and engineering inputs on projects to ensure that the required value added outcomes are achieved.

Noel is able to quantify and mitigate risk and transform contamination liabilities into land assets at the minimum cost.

Read Noel Storan’s full resume here.

Noel Storan wasn’t born to work in an office. With two older brothers who were civil engineers, following them seemed ideal.

His career in the remediation of contaminated land, including asbestos impact soils, began in September 1992 when he worked on the early works clean-up of what would later become Sydney Olympic Park.

“It’s a privilege to work in the construction industry … when you go out on site and all the equipment is working, everything that should be going smoothly, is. It’s a nice feeling. You can physically see the task being completed.”

A born problem solver, Noel has a naturally analytical mind, ideal for his role in a challenging industry.

“You get to deal with lots of intellectually challenging issues: technical engineering, commercial, logistics. When you work on a 100-hectare site and you go back three years later and there’s something there, it’s very rewarding…”

Noel started CARAS to try something different. He believed he could make a difference because the field they would service was neglected. People were wasting a lot of money on unnecessary works and delays.

“I like to challenge the system … we are making positive changes that will make a difference to many outcomes.”

He is also passionate about dispelling the ‘Millennial’ myth… pushing back on popular opinion of Millennials and their contribution (or lack of) to the workplace.

“I see great talent coming through – young adults who are focused and interested. They get their work done and have more sense than I did at their age. They know what they want and they take responsibility.” 

Mentoring is very important to Noel and to the CARAS business – creating opportunities for people to get ahead.

“It’s good to see someone training and growing, making decisions and contributing.”

Noel enjoys playing soccer with his mates, swimming and cycling … and believe it or not, loves going to the theatre. Because it’s an obvious correlation, right? Noel thinks so.

Because really, construction is really just a great big stage.”

Read Noel Storan’s full resume here.

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