Quantity Surveyor - Mohammad Badran

Mohammad Badran

Quantity Surveyor

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Civil)

Mohammad Badran is an experienced quantity surveyor, having worked on projects throughout Europe and the Middle East for over 13 years.

He is a result driven, self-motivated and resourceful individual with experience in effectively managing all costs relating to building and civil engineering projects.

Mohammad has a proven track record of minimising the costs of a project

and enhancing value for money while still achieving the required standards and quality. He possesses excellent foresight and the ability to plan ahead when working on construction projects.

“I like figures and calculating things … I have an eye for detail and good organisational skills.”

Read Mohammad Badran’s full resume here.

Mohammad was always interested in sciences that are important to people and provide a service to the community.

“Engineering provides help and service to the community and it helps people – it provides homes, services to the community, infrastructure. There’s a big feel-good factor there.”

Mohammad is fastidious about completing tasks and knowing he has finished something he started. He enjoys the atmosphere at CARAS and the opportunities he is receiving.

With two energetic young boys at home, Mohammed maintains a good work/life balance, playing with the kids … and spending time with his family.

Besides reading, swimming and sports, Mohammad would love more time to get to the gym!

Read Mohammad Badran’s full resume here.

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