If you have a problem below the ground, we’ll find a solution, we’ll manage the solution and we’ll control the process.

Our CARAS team members think outside the square to deliver remediation and earthworks solutions for your project … mitigating the risk of time and budget blowout.

In-house expertise

In-house expertise

The expert team from CARAS have unrivalled and unmatched capabilities. We apply high-level methodology to mitigate risk and with decades of experience across the whole civil contracting sector, it’s our specialist areas of remediation and earthworks that set us apart.

“CARAS understand complex civil issues better than anybody and they navigate around some emerging issues that the industry doesn’t know how to resolve yet. Their speciality is their biggest advantage.” ~ Qube

Specialists in Contamination

Specialists in contamination

The CARAS team are specialists in managing known contamination like asbestos, heavy metals and groundwater contamination, as well as emerging contamination of concern such as PFOA, PFOS and related PFAS compounds.

Our expert team has decades of experience in developing construction management plans, environmental licencing, compliance auditing and remediation solutions for clients to address contamination problems.


Cost Planning

  • Preliminary budget estimate
  • Preliminary time and construction risk review
  • Pre-tender estimates
  • Detailed cost analysis and project budget analysis
  • Tender evaluation review
  • Cost to complete
  • Cost advice
  • Capital investment valuation
  • Expert analysis of EPA regulations
  • Estimation of quantities for the works
  • Logical and practical advice during initiation and planning stages
  • Feasibility and constructability advice
  • Project optimisation planning
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Managing all claims and disputes

Risk Management

Risk Modelling

  • Review of proposed Remediation Action Plan
  • Probabilistic Modelling (P50/P75/P90)
  • Identification of data gaps
  • Identify inherent and contingent risks
  • Quantify risk with accurate figures
  • Implement plan to mitigate risks
  • Understand the technical risk components of development
  • Reduce risk profile through a greater understanding of your contamination risks

Geotechnical Advice

  • Expertly and independently assess and challenge geotechnical reports
  • Identify construction risk arising from the geotechnical interpretation
  • Identify programme risk and advise accordingly
  • Expertly advise on geotechnical reports, with a full understanding of all other technical challenges posed and presented
  • Identify the best financial solution for the delivery of your project

Contamination (Environmental) Risk Advice

  • Review of environmental consultants’ reports for any potential data gaps needed to complete remediation project
  • Analyse and challenge reports
  • Review proposed remediation technology solutions
  • Detailed cost and time analysis
  • Expert review to ensure compliance with EPA accredited site auditor requirements
  • Ensure ongoing Environmental Management Plan (EMP) requirements are fully understood
Project Control

Project Control


  • Provide detailed scope of works for the remediation of contaminated land and civil construction projects
  • Design management


  • Prepare accurate, time- and cost-specific schedules
  • Expert analysis of complex cost, environmental and political implications

Contract Administration

  • Provide superintendent services
  • Full contract administration services to support the delivery of remediation and civil construction projects of any size
  • Regimented change management including the formalisation of variations
  • Issuing, evaluation and assessment of progress claims
  • Ongoing monitoring of contractors and suppliers to ensure delivery of all obligations
  • Contractual close-out


  • Create detailed, accurate tender documents
  • Formalisation and evaluation of tenders and quotations
  • Review and assess tenders
  • Contract negotiations
  • Provision of contract and procurement related reporting and statistics



  • Provide advice on compliance with EPA guidelines
  • Manage and ensure stringent government and authority acts, regulations and planning approvals have been adhered to
  • Manage licence and permit applications
  • Perform regulatory compliance reviews


  • Independent verification
  • Oversee flow of paperwork to the Environmental Consultant
  • Manage the quality documentation review
  • Ensure management systems are in place


  • Ensure you meet your PCBU safety obligations
  • Undertake safety audits
  • Advice on requirements for compliance
  • Review of safety management systems


Dispute Resolution

  • Specialist resolution advice for disputes with contractors, regulatory parties, government bodies, insurers, council
  • Find most cost-effective way to resolve disputes
  • Manage all claims and disputes

Expert Witness

  • Provide expert witness services to the courts for legal matters within the civil/groundworks/earthworks and remediation sectors
  • Prepare expert reports, support court and tribunal cases and work closely with legal teams

Expert Reports

  • Independent advice and assessment of any aspect of your remediation or civil project

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