Our experience and expertise in the remediation of contaminated land are unrivalled and unparalleled. Since 2010, CARAS has quickly risen to become Australia’s Leading Remediation Project Management Consultancy. Why?

Because at CARAS we quantify and put an accurate dollar value on the groundwork risk of complex construction projects. We then deliver expert, client-side project management to improve efficiency, reduce waste and further control cost and risk.

“CARAS applies a high-level methodology to mitigate risk.” ~ Michael Yiend, Qube

We perform accurate risk assessments

Accurate risk assessment is an essential part of every large construction project. Above ground risk is well understood and relatively easy to quantify. Below ground, earthwork and in particular remediation risks are often poorly understood and generally considered difficult to quantify.

“The risk exposure to us would have been in the hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s a risk CARAS have been able to mitigate for us. It’s direct value creation.” 

Quantifying and mitigating your risk is our speciality. We know the construction industry can be volatile and unpredictable – time delays and variations could blow out the budget.

“Getting it wrong can have catastrophic effects. Not only can it cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but there are many other implications.” 

We embrace challenges

As independent specialists, we’re not afraid to analyse and challenge reports from regulatory authorities.

Our experience and specialised skill set allow us to take all the reports and information, analyse, ask for explanations and highlight implications from the specifications on their report.

“We had a contamination issue … CARAS provided a more holistic, alternative approach to recycling the product … and the dollar figure went from being an $8 million cost to a $4 million opportunity.”

We put all of the information into a mathematical probabilistic model … and the maths doesn’t lie. We come up with an accurate and reliable risk equation, bringing certainty to the delivery process. Because in this game, delays, variations and budget blowouts really are make or break.

We offer innovative solutions

We offer massive value to our clients by using innovative, out of the box remediation solutions to deliver your project efficiently, achieving the outcomes required by your statutory obligations … and in most cases, mitigating the risk of budget blowout.

“Because CARAS understand complex civil issues better than anybody, they navigate around some emerging issues that the industry doesn’t know how to resolve yet.” 

About Caras

When do our clients engage us?

Commonly our clients engage us when:

  • they have a brownfield site requiring remediation
  • they have a notable incident and report from the EPA
  • they need advice on how much it will cost to remediate a block of land and they need constructability advice
  • they need independent verification of geotechnical reports or environmental investigations to check on contamination

Once a client identifies a problem with the remediation of the construction project and needs to find a cost-effective, innovative solution, CARAS is able to confidently structure a solution to move forwards, bringing certainty into the delivery process…

…quantifying and mitigating risk with a proven process – saving time and money and keeping the construction project on track. We find the solution and we manage the solution, every step of the way – with no surprises, only certainty.

About Caras

We are client-centric ... we act FOR YOU.

There is a lot of waste in this industry. Not only site waste, but wasted time, effort and resources. Multiple guidelines and reports you need to comply with, specifications you need to adhere to, assessors with their own agendas.

CARAS was founded to analyse and challenge assessors and regulatory bodies that may not be acting in your best interests.

We are client-centric remediation experts; we know we can get better results for you.

Our unparalleled process

The process we use for quantifying risk is unrivalled by anyone else in this field. We develop a strategic plan and apply probabilistic modelling techniques, construction methodology and costed budgets that enable our clients to make informed decisions about the commercial risks of their projects.

Our expertise and decades of specialist experience mean that we’re able to put a reliable dollar value on that risk and we stand by that dollar value throughout the project. It’s a proven and reliable process for quantifying the risk associated with below ground construction.

Experts with specialised skill sets

At CARAS, we have strategically selected a panel of experts from a wide variety of fields to perform a range of high-level services under one roof.

Our panel members have skill sets in budget, risk, project management, procurement, compliance and legal.

We have the experience; we’re fiercely proud of our expertise and we know we make a massive difference to your outcome.

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